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Frequently Asked Questions Title

What is the best age group to play the game?

We recommend the game for people age 8 years and above. For younger children it is best to play in teams with an adult, but as the questions are all multiple choice, everyone has the opportunity to make an educated guess! Welsh Quest will appeal whether you are 8 or 80!

Do you have to know a lot about Wales?

The game is designed to both test your knowledge about Wales but also educate you in a fun way. You will be surprised how much you do know, but at the same time how much you don't know! Additionally, the use of sovereigns and Pwca cards mean that a certain amount of strategy and luck is involved and not necessarily the most knowledgeable person will win! If you knew all the answers to all the questions, what fun would that be?!

Where are the instructions on how to play the game?

These are on the front few pages of the small black explanation booklet that is in the box.

Which answer is the correct answer?

There are three answers to every question, with the answer choices shown underneath the question on the question card. The correct answer is the one that is bold and underlined - see the sample question below:
Which Welsh politician and ‘Minster of Health’ is accredited with the foundation of the ‘National Health Service’?

  • David John Williams
  • David Lloyd George
  • Aneurin Bevan

What is the black dot with a number in on the right hand side of the question card?

The black dot on the right hand side of the card indicates when there is a further explanation to the question in the small black booklet. 500 of the 2,000 questions have a further explanation which expands on the answer - little point in getting an answer to the question if it means nothing to you!

Do I have to head back to Cardiff to win the game?

The object of the game is to collect all your QUEST pieces then head for Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, to answer a final question. However, you can make the final destination anywhere you like e.g. your home town, as long as you all head back to the same place and remember to tell everyone at the start!

Do I start the game with sovereigns?

Each player starts the game with three sovereigns but if you are playing with younger players you may like to start the game with a few more just to give them a little bit more help.

Do I have to ask questions from different categories or can I play the game just by answering e.g. history questions?

If you preferred topic is history then only play the game with the history questions, regardless of which colour dot you land on. Someone else may prefer modern so they only play the game with those questions. It's entirely up to yourselves as to which questions you use whilst playing the game - the goal is simply to learn, share what you now with others and have fun!

How long does the game take to play?

The game lasts about 1 - 1 1/2hour depending on the number of players. However, it can sometimes last somewhat longer as families and friends start to reminisce about places they have been to around Wales, but that's all part of the fun!

How many players play the game? Can we play in teams?

The game is for 2-6 players but you can certainly play in teams to allow more players to join in the fun. Teams also work well with younger children as they can get some assistance from adults with the more difficult questions.

If I know something about a particular Welsh place, can I make up my own question for that place if somebody lands on the place?

Of course, you can add your own questions into the game as well, as long as the other players agree. Just make sure you definitely know the correct answer before you ask the question though – we would prefer to avoid friendly feuds or all-out family war! It's your game, you play it the way that you like, as long as you follow the general theme of the rules!

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